Good news:  I found a place to live.  I reconnected with a friend from college, and his roommate is moving out in a week.  Perfect for me.

Bad news:  I no longer have an excuse not to pack.  Before I would just tell myself that I had to find a place, but now there is nothing to stop me from starting the oh-so-daunting task of clearing out my apartment.  This sounds like a job for an expert procrastinator.  I know, I could go on a dessert date with my sister!

Ok, that’s done.  Time to start packing!  I even have some boxes, so this should be easy.

But wait, A League of Their Own is on!!  Too bad I missed my favorite scene.  I’ll watch the end anyway.  Still not packing.  The Last Song just started.  And even though watching Miley Cyrus attempt to act is revolting, it will provide for plenty of eye-rolling material.  And if I’m busy rolling my eyes at Miley, I won’t be able to roll my eyes at myself because….. I’m still not packing!!!!  Sometimes I’m so ridiculous, I don’t even want to hang out with me.  So, in order to escape…well, myself, I will write a new blog post.  Procrastination at its finest.


Finding a Place to Live or My Battle with Craigslist

Ok, moving to a new city.  Step 1:  find a place to live.  Ok, maybe I’ve procrastinated a little (procrastination is probably at the top of my list of skills).  So where should I look first?  Craigslist, duh.

I’ll be honest, I don’t frequent Craigslist.  There are two reasons for this.  First, my town is so small it doesn’t get its own Craigslist page.  If I want to find anyone selling, buying, etc. in my town, I have to select Northern Mississippi.  That’s a third of the state represented on one location.  (Yay for rural communities)  Second reason, I’m afraid of the Craigslist killer.  I realize that the odds of me finding one of the people who’s trolling for murder victims are slim to none, but it could happen!

Phase one:  Anyone of these people could murder me in my sleep.

I go to Craigslist.  I look search the ads for roommates.  This is what runs through my mind:

  • If the person says nothing about themselves, it’s because they are running from the law.
  • If the room is furnished, it’s because they killed their last roommate and liked their bedroom suite.
  • If the lease is month to month, they plan to kill me before next month is over.
  • IF THE AD IS IN ALL CAPS, this person will yell at me……and then kill me.
  • If the ad uses an excessive amount of text speak or smiley faces, then the person is probably very annoying, stupid, or both in which case I could easily become the Craigslist killer if forced to live with them for an extended period of time.

I manage to find a handful of acceptable people (including two that I really like) and send emails.  Skip to four days later and the only person who has written me back doesn’t think I can afford her place.  Rude!  This is really disappointing.  New strategy!

Phase two:  Screw roommates!  I’ll find my own apartment on my own.

I look on multiple websites.  I send many email inquiries, but this time they are going to real estate agents or apartment management companies.  And I still have to wait an absurdly long time for people to get back to me.  (Actually, not true.  Two guys called me back exactly 4.6 seconds after I pressed send.  They are creepily good at their job.)  What do I find out?  These apartments are expensive!!!  And when I find ones that aren’t, the landlords aren’t crazy about the idea of renting to someone who technically doesn’t have a paying job now.  Can’t they tell from my amiable phone persona that people will be lining up to hire me?  Oh well.  I start to panic.

Phase three:  Back to Craigslist.  Maybe killers aren’t so bad.

Let’s give this roommate thing another try.  I look through the newest ads.  Miracle of miracles: I find people who seem to have things in common with me AND they are asking affordable rent.  I sent out more emails.  I get responses within two hours!  And not just one, I receive multiple responses.  Ok, I can postpone having this panic attack and actually find a place to live before I arrive in the city.  As far as these potential roommates go,  they seem pretty decent.  I might be able to forgive them one murder in the past.  Nobody’s perfect.

*Mississippi Moment*

I called a man today about an apartment.  When I informed him that I was in Mississippi, he replied, “I can tell,” and then laughed.

Some might interpret this as, “Obviously you’re from Mississippi!  You sound like a hick with two teeth total!  HA HA.”

But I prefer my own interpretation, “Yes, I can hear that oh-so-attractive drawl in the way you speak.  It only adds to your charm because I can tell that you would be classified as an intelligent and articulate young woman no matter where you come from.”

Sometimes you quit your job.

Sometimes everything works out exactly the way it should.  Everything magically falls into place which alleviates anyone from having to make any real decisions because fate seems to be in control so you can just enjoy the ride.

Fuck that.  In my experience, you just decide to quit your teaching job because you’ll definitely get into grad school next fall, right?  But then you don’t.  So you don’t panic, you’ll find something else, right?  But you don’t, even though you have applied and applied and emailed and called.  Then, miracle of miracles: you get an internship.  But wait, it starts in less than a month?  And I have to move Chicago?  And it’s unpaid?  No problem, right?

And that’s where I find myself.  I’m ready to embark on possibly the greatest adventure in my life so far.  And when I say ready, I mean that I have no place to live, no plan for my income, not even a specific date of departure.  I have (on what some might call a whim) decided to move to Chicago from Mississippi.  I have never lived farther north than Tennessee.  (Ok, technically I lived in Ithaca, NY for a summer – but it was a program where housing was provided, so I don’t think it counts.)  In fact, since I graduated from college I have lived in my hometown.  I’m the epitome of a small town girl.  But no longer!

So, I have officially cashed out my retirement fund (thank you to the state of Mississippi for putting that away for me) and soon I will be departing this sleepy, Southern town for the windy city.  I’m ready to live the dream.  I’m a twitter with anticipation.  I’m also TERRIFIED.

So, like any terrified person, I’m procrastinating.  I am taking a break from apartment hunting online and mentally deciding what sweaters to pack and decided to start a blog.  A place to record my new adventure…..and totally avoid the scariness of actually leaving.  Hope you enjoy!