Sometimes you quit your job.

Sometimes everything works out exactly the way it should.  Everything magically falls into place which alleviates anyone from having to make any real decisions because fate seems to be in control so you can just enjoy the ride.

Fuck that.  In my experience, you just decide to quit your teaching job because you’ll definitely get into grad school next fall, right?  But then you don’t.  So you don’t panic, you’ll find something else, right?  But you don’t, even though you have applied and applied and emailed and called.  Then, miracle of miracles: you get an internship.  But wait, it starts in less than a month?  And I have to move Chicago?  And it’s unpaid?  No problem, right?

And that’s where I find myself.  I’m ready to embark on possibly the greatest adventure in my life so far.  And when I say ready, I mean that I have no place to live, no plan for my income, not even a specific date of departure.  I have (on what some might call a whim) decided to move to Chicago from Mississippi.  I have never lived farther north than Tennessee.  (Ok, technically I lived in Ithaca, NY for a summer – but it was a program where housing was provided, so I don’t think it counts.)  In fact, since I graduated from college I have lived in my hometown.  I’m the epitome of a small town girl.  But no longer!

So, I have officially cashed out my retirement fund (thank you to the state of Mississippi for putting that away for me) and soon I will be departing this sleepy, Southern town for the windy city.  I’m ready to live the dream.  I’m a twitter with anticipation.  I’m also TERRIFIED.

So, like any terrified person, I’m procrastinating.  I am taking a break from apartment hunting online and mentally deciding what sweaters to pack and decided to start a blog.  A place to record my new adventure…..and totally avoid the scariness of actually leaving.  Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Sometimes you quit your job and find that you have a lot of yourself to give to the other parts of your life. Things you didn’t even know were there. Kinda like the flabby, unnerved part of your elbow. The “wenus.” So, quitting your job is like finding your “wenus.” Maybe.

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