Finding a Place to Live or My Battle with Craigslist

Ok, moving to a new city.  Step 1:  find a place to live.  Ok, maybe I’ve procrastinated a little (procrastination is probably at the top of my list of skills).  So where should I look first?  Craigslist, duh.

I’ll be honest, I don’t frequent Craigslist.  There are two reasons for this.  First, my town is so small it doesn’t get its own Craigslist page.  If I want to find anyone selling, buying, etc. in my town, I have to select Northern Mississippi.  That’s a third of the state represented on one location.  (Yay for rural communities)  Second reason, I’m afraid of the Craigslist killer.  I realize that the odds of me finding one of the people who’s trolling for murder victims are slim to none, but it could happen!

Phase one:  Anyone of these people could murder me in my sleep.

I go to Craigslist.  I look search the ads for roommates.  This is what runs through my mind:

  • If the person says nothing about themselves, it’s because they are running from the law.
  • If the room is furnished, it’s because they killed their last roommate and liked their bedroom suite.
  • If the lease is month to month, they plan to kill me before next month is over.
  • IF THE AD IS IN ALL CAPS, this person will yell at me……and then kill me.
  • If the ad uses an excessive amount of text speak or smiley faces, then the person is probably very annoying, stupid, or both in which case I could easily become the Craigslist killer if forced to live with them for an extended period of time.

I manage to find a handful of acceptable people (including two that I really like) and send emails.  Skip to four days later and the only person who has written me back doesn’t think I can afford her place.  Rude!  This is really disappointing.  New strategy!

Phase two:  Screw roommates!  I’ll find my own apartment on my own.

I look on multiple websites.  I send many email inquiries, but this time they are going to real estate agents or apartment management companies.  And I still have to wait an absurdly long time for people to get back to me.  (Actually, not true.  Two guys called me back exactly 4.6 seconds after I pressed send.  They are creepily good at their job.)  What do I find out?  These apartments are expensive!!!  And when I find ones that aren’t, the landlords aren’t crazy about the idea of renting to someone who technically doesn’t have a paying job now.  Can’t they tell from my amiable phone persona that people will be lining up to hire me?  Oh well.  I start to panic.

Phase three:  Back to Craigslist.  Maybe killers aren’t so bad.

Let’s give this roommate thing another try.  I look through the newest ads.  Miracle of miracles: I find people who seem to have things in common with me AND they are asking affordable rent.  I sent out more emails.  I get responses within two hours!  And not just one, I receive multiple responses.  Ok, I can postpone having this panic attack and actually find a place to live before I arrive in the city.  As far as these potential roommates go,  they seem pretty decent.  I might be able to forgive them one murder in the past.  Nobody’s perfect.

*Mississippi Moment*

I called a man today about an apartment.  When I informed him that I was in Mississippi, he replied, “I can tell,” and then laughed.

Some might interpret this as, “Obviously you’re from Mississippi!  You sound like a hick with two teeth total!  HA HA.”

But I prefer my own interpretation, “Yes, I can hear that oh-so-attractive drawl in the way you speak.  It only adds to your charm because I can tell that you would be classified as an intelligent and articulate young woman no matter where you come from.”


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