I Have Arrived

I feel the need to update everyone, but I’m not sure if I have the energy or mental capacity to write witty, entertaining prose.  So, I will write this post in the form of an outline.

1.  Packing

  • I hate packing.
  • Luckily, my friend Merry will be arriving to go with me to Chicago.
  • I wasn’t quite done packing, but Merry helped me.  She’s the best.

2.  Driving

  • Merry and I leave by 8:30 on Saturday morning.  My mom bought us snacks.
  • The state of Illinois is really long…..I get tired of driving in Illinois.
  • Merry says she doesn’t feel well.  I say she’s just tired.

3.  First Night

  • I’m not sure anything is scarier than driving on the expressway in Chicago after 10 hours on the road with a Uhaul attached behind you letting every other vehicle know that you don’t know what you’re doing. 
  • It’s hard to find parking for an Xterra plus Uhaul in Chicago. 
  • Sometimes, when you’re parking your car you see a homeless man peeing on the sidewalk. 
  • After a day of exciting travel, it is necessary to take two Nyquil and go to bed early.

4.  First Day

  • When I wake up, I’m excited about what I will do my first day in Chicago.
  • When Merry wakes up, she has 102.2 degree fever and a wicked sore throat.
  • I decide that the best way to spend my first day here is finding a nearby clinic, getting Merry a prescription, and making sure Merry drinks fluids in between her feverish naps.
  • The best way to end the day is watching The Devil Wears Prada while Merry puts an icepack to her forehead. (I fell asleep before the end of the movie)

5.  Second Day

  • Merry still feels bad, but she has a plane to catch so we find the airport. 
  • On the way home, I get gas which costs $4.45 a gallon!!
  • When I get home, I realize how much I miss Merry and now I have to deal with living in Chicago on my own. 
  • Since I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take a very long nap.

6.  Current Status

  • After my nap, I felt really guilty about not doing more unpacking today.  But then I realize I still feel overwhelmed. 
  • I go to Wendy’s searching for something familiar.  I get a #1 with a Diet Coke…..and a frosty.  (I eat the frosty first).
  • Now, I think I’m finally ready to start doing some serious unpacking. 

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