Hire me, please?

I’ve been here in the city for almost two weeks, and I’m really loving it.  The very significant BUT of this situation is that I still don’t have a paying job. 

I love the theater where I work.  The people are great.  The work is great.  It’s great!!!  (Aren’t you impressed with my descriptive abilities?)  However, as wonderful as this job is, it doesn’t pay.  Unfortunately, this is the case with the arts.  First, you must prove yourself for FREE, and only after that can you even begin to think about finding a paying job (where in all likelihood you will still probably have to have another job to supplement your income).  But this is my dream, and it’s what I want to do.

That doesn’t mean I have to like applying for jobs.  I hate it.  Who enjoys it, really?  No one likes being rejected.  It’s really no different than online dating.  I search on craigslist or some other job posting site, I send in my resume, and then I wait.  Sometimes they respond, sometimes they don’t.  And then I’m plagued with thoughts of “I wasn’t good enough” or “They must not like my experience” or “I guess they hated my picture” – wait, that actually is online dating.  Nevermind. 

Maybe, my standards are too high.  Maybe, I’m being way too picky about the jobs I actually apply for.  Maybe, I should just send my resume to every posting I find, qualified or no.  Could this also be my new online dating strategy?  No, I went too far, that’s way too frightening. 

So, I’ll keep looking and keep risking the possibility of rejection.  I’m nowhere near the point of panhandling in the streets….yet.


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