It snows here?

It’s just like me to get very excited about a project and dedicate myself for a few weeks before completely forgetting about said project.  However, I refuse to let this happen with the blog!!  I will prevail.  I will fight against myself, and I will win.

I’ve officially been in Chicago for over a month.  I’m really starting to learn my way around, and I’ve met lots of people.  When I meet someone new,, two things are almost always said.  First, they may comment on my accent – if not they always ask where I’m from. I explain that I’ve recently moved here from Mississippi, and then, everyone always asks, “Are you ready for the winter?”

Seriously, everyone I meet has mentioned this without fail.  How do I answer this question?  When they ask they always give me this look that seems to say, “You have no idea what you’re in for.”

Ok, I know Mississippi isn’t known for its extreme winter weather, but I haven’t been living under a rock.  I realize that Chicago gets really, really, REALLY cold.  Chicago is so cold that one needs to wear multiple layers, coats, long johns, wool socks, and maybe even some sort of thermal Eskimo suit….do those exist?  I’m tired of people assuming that I don’t know what winter is as if I’m some sort of immigrant from a tropical island near the equator.

Next time I’m asked about winter, I’m tempted to play along and say one of the following:

“I was planning on staying indoors from November until April.”

“What am I gonna do?  I’m just getting used to wearing shoes.”

“Wait, it snows here!!!!”

I’m still working out all my options.


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