Yes, Mom, I’m Alive

Actual text from my mother

Actual text from my mother

Yes, Mom, I’m alive.  Although, I’m glad to know you are so worried that any time this weekend will be soon enough to find out your baby is alive and well.
Here is a list of what I’ve been doing instead of calling you (have I mentioned that I love lists):
1.  I can’t call when I’m working at the elementary school because, duh, I’m working.
2.  I can’t call when I’m working at the theatre because, again, I’m working.  Unless an emergency happens (like my car being towed) and I need a little money, then I will make time to call while even at work.
3.  I couldn’t call on Tuesday night because I started watching American Horror Story on Hulu.  It was awesome.
4.  I couldn’t call on Wednesday night because I was finishing season 1 of American Horror Story.  This might not seem important, but I promise – it was.
5.  I couldn’t call on Thursday because I was hanging out with a friend.  She is also from the South, and we both ended up doing impressions of our southern mamas.  So, even though we weren’t talking, I was thinking about you 🙂
6.  I couldn’t call you on Friday because I was once again at home watching Hulu.  I told myself I would unpack the last few boxes from the move, but I watched the latest Grey’s Anatomy instead.  All of this at the time seemed way more important than calling you, but I love you.
7.  I couldn’t call you after receiving your text this morning because I was sleeping in for the first time in weeks.  Then, I went to the grocery and ran an errand that has to do with your Christmas present. (Don’t get your hopes up, because I’m poor.  But you know this since I have to borrow money when my car gets towed.)
8.  I don’t remember what I was doing after all those things, but I’m sorry I didn’t call.  I’m especially sorry that it took 12 whole hours for me to respond to your text.  Clearly my life is so exciting and fast-paced that I can’t possibly be bothered to call my mother on a regular basis.  At least you can text and we can connect through the written word.  I love technology.  But more than technology, I love you.  Call you tomorrow.
P.S.  I probably would’ve stopped doing almost all of these very important things if you had called me.  The phone works two ways you know.

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