That Coat is So NOT Cute…

… but it sure is warm!  I bought the Official Chicago Woman’s Coat.  My friends are the ones who informed me that the official Chicago woman’s coat existed (we will now refer to it as the OCWC).

“What makes it the OCWC?” I asked stupidly.  In Mississippi, you are just as likely to be wearing short sleeves in December as you are to see temperatures that require layered clothing.  My friends were more than happy to break it down for me. To be an Official Chicago Woman’s Coat (OCWC) you must have all three of the following criteria:

  • length
  • down
  • water-resistant (a.k.a. slick and shiny)

I noticed the OCWC around the end of November.  The temperature dropped and the OCWC appeared on the city streets in abundance.  I saw them sitting on the train, driving to work, walking down the street, everywhere!  Clearly, I had to get one of these coats.  You weren’t an Official Chicago Woman until you had one.

I spy three OCWC’s in just this one picture!

While I was home for Christmas I shopped for the OCWC.  I actually went into a few stores hoping for a sale, but I soon discovered that Mississippi just doesn’t make coats like these so I was forced to shop online.  After perusing a few websites, I decided on a very sensible coat from Land’s End that seemed to fit the OCWC criteria.  I imagined how trendy I would look trekking through chic Chicago snow in my fashionable Chicago coat.

Doesn’t she look cute?  (True, there is no actual snow in this picture, but surely what this girl’s coat lacked in warmth was made up for in the cuteness of her mittens!)  My coat arrived yesterday.  And here’s what I look like:

Ok, so that’s not actually my coat (that isn’t even me, just a picture I found on google image search).  But my point is: I have purchased a sleeping bag with sleeves.  After checking off the OCWC criteria, I suppose also being fashionable was too much to ask.  I do not consider myself fashionable by any stretch of the imagination, but after I pulled the coat out of the box, I seriously considered sending it back.  Who needed to be an Official Chicago Woman anyway?  This looked like a big mistake.  A giant, marshmellow, Michelin Man mistake.

But before I made my final judgement, I figured I would take the coat out for a test drive.  So I wore it today.  And you know what?  That sucker is warm!  Not only warm, but it’s also pretty darn comfortable.  This coat is like the sweatpants of coats.  You tell yourself you will never wear them in public, but sometimes you just want to go to the grocery store and be comfortable and you don’t care who sees you!

In conclusion, even though my coat is brown and big and causes me to resemble a giant, fluffy Hershey’s bar on two feet, I think we will be very happy together.


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  2. Ha! I kind of love that wearable sleeping bag. I have a big puffy coat, but it doesn’t have a hood. years ago when I went to buy it, the coats w/ no hoods were on sale and hoods cost like $20 more, so of course I had to be a cheapskate. Regretting it! Stay warm, girl.

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