Ode to a Smartphone

It happened. I lost my phone. Not only did I leave my poor phone in the street to be picked up by any Joe Shmo who came along (poor baby!), but I was without a phone for close to 48 hours. It was agony!! I did not realize how addicted I was to my tiny, technological miracle. What did people do before smartphones? I’m amazed that mankind survived without the smartphone for as long as we did.

Eu não vivo sem celular!

Here are all the reasons I love my phone:

  • My phone is a map! If I don’t know how to get somewhere (which is still most of the time I go anywhere), I look up directions. Directions for when I drive my car, directions for when I take the bus or the train, directions for all occasions! And I never look lost or have to ask anybody. Ok, sometimes I do look lost. There are moments when I notice my blue dot is moving the wrong direction on my map. In these moments you stop, pretend to send a text message, and then turn around to go the opposite direction and pray that no one noticed your awkward 180.
  • My phone can find anything. No matter what I need be it grocery store or gas station or Taco Bell, the phone will always tell me. And sometimes a girl really needs some Taco Bell (there aren’t enough in this city if you ask me).
  • My phone plays music! I have never been big on the whole listening-to-my-earphones-while-walking-down-the-street-because-I’m-so-awesome kind of thing. But, when you are on the bus for 40 minutes and the person behind you is a mouth breather, my earphones are awesome. What’s also fun: leaving your earphones in but not playing any songs. Just listen to the conversations around you…..sometimes better than reality t.v.
  • My phone entertains me. If the music playing in your headphones isn’t enough to distract you from the people you are pretending to ignore on your commute, the smartphone offers infinite possibilities. I can check facebook, read the news, or play a game. There is no such thing as boredom when your phone is with you. Even when I’m not on my commute, I sometimes use my phone to distract me from the fact that I don’t have cable. I totally forgot what a television was the first two days I had Angry Birds – Star Wars.
  • My phone saves me. If you are ever alone and need to look busy, just pull out the cell phone! It doesn’t matter what you are doing, just make sure to furrow your brow and no one will bother you. This trick is especially handy when you are waiting for a bus and homeless gentleman sees this as an opportunity to chat.

It was a rough 48 hours, but I have a new phone now. But nothing will ever replace the old phone. We will miss you old buddy. I hope whoever picked you up off the street will love and care for you as I did….or I at least hope they got a really good price for you.


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