Little by Little…we all grow up

Every so often, I am reminded that I am growing up.  Isn’t it funny that I am in the downward slope of my twenties, quickly approaching 30 and I still consider myself to be ‘growing up’.  Does everyone feel this way?

Anywho, back to the reminders.  The other day, I bought my first giant container of salt.  I already had salt and pepper shakers, but I noticed that the salt was running dangerously low.  I’m pretty sure when I moved into my first apartment my mom gave me my salt and pepper shakers … salt and pepper included! Somehow, I’ve managed to go through most of my adult life without refilling said salt shaker.  (In truth I had a few sets of salt and pepper shakers, however, I never refilled any of them.) Maybe this is gross, or maybe now you have an accurate picture of how much I actually cook.

So just now, as I was refilling my salt shaker… (How many times can I say salt shaker in one post?)… I thought:

“Hm.  I guess this is like being a grown up.  You have to notice things the little things, like when the salt is running low….Otherwise there won’t be any salt.”

That was deep, I know.  But, I decided to think of other small things that make me realize I’m becoming a grown up.

  • Voluntarily sweeping or dusting:  So, I might be a little bit of slob.  But when the grossness becomes too much for me, I go on adult-like cleaning binges.  I use sprays and sponges and everything.
  • Turning all the lights off:  I used to leave lights on all the time.  I guess part of it was not remembering and part of it was a fear of the dark.  Now, I don’t want to pay for that electricity!  Lights off, all the time.
  • Using words like ‘confirm’: I blame this one on my colleagues.  It isn’t enough to schedule something, you have to later ‘confirm’ the meeting.  “Could you please confirm that Janet is coming in for her meeting at noon?”  Only grown ups speak like that.
  • Knowing the weather forecast: I rarely know much about the weather, let alone days ahead of time.  But when I know the forecast three days ahead of time, I’m reminded of my mother.  I also feel the need to chat about the upcoming weather with every person I meet.  “Supposed to get cold this weekend.  I’ll be staying inside, thank you!”  (Phrases like this also make me feel like a grown up…..a super nerd-tastic grown up.)
  • Making a doctor’s appointment/dealing with health insurance: This is pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?  Only grown folks go to the doctor.
  • Folding my underwear:  I never used to fold my underwear as a teenager.  Shirts and pants were folded and put away, but underwear was just shoved in a drawer.  I don’t know when I started folding them…but now I can’t imagine just shoving underwear in a drawer.  How uncivilized!

And just to make this post a little more well rounded, here’s a list of things that make me feel like I never left middle school:

  • Realizing my socks don’t match.
  • Dipping my Oreos in milk for exactly three seconds in order to achieve the perfect milk-soggy cookie.
  • Tripping over my own two feet.
  • Having a crush on a boy and thinking the best solution is to just tell all my friends how cute he is. 

What makes you feel grown up?


3 responses

  1. I don’t know about feeling grown up, but I specifically think of you when I fold my underwear because you used to tell me how weird it was, which makes me think of you just stuffing it in a drawer, which I always thought was terrible.

  2. I will never fold my underware. You Leslies are extra grown up. Also, you know you’re a grown up when.., hanging out at camp with friends this past weekend the late night convo is tax exemption.

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