I’ve got Comp’ny

I have been a giddy little girl since last Saturday.  My mom and my very best friend are coming for a visit.  They are actually on the train now – even as I type – and slowly creeping up the Mississippi River.

In Mississippi, it’s Spring Break.  We won’t have Spring Break here for another two weeks.  But, I decided to take Thursday and Friday off partly because things are a little slower at work but mostly because I can!!  I’m pretty much creating my own long weekend, and I’m really excited to do some very tourist-type things that I haven’t really made time for since I moved here.  Plus, there’s just nothing like having ‘your people’ around.   Old friends are like those old sneakers you find at the back of your closet that feel so comfy you can’t remember why you would ever stop wearing them in the first place!  New friends are great, but old friends put up with your gross, smelly foot smell day after day (see how I extended the metaphor there).

Needless to say, I’ve been preparing for company.  I could have done this in small bits, but where’s the fun in that?  Better to wait until 9 p.m. the night before your guests arrive and cram all your cleaning and organizing into a few short hours.  Of course, I didn’t get to everything on my list, but as long as a certain closet door stays shut and contains the pile-o-junk lurking behind it, everything will be grand.


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  1. I just read your twentysomething profile and wanted to say I find you totally inspiring.Moving somewhere to accomplish your dream has me in awe. I hope one day I can find the courage to do something like that. Plus 28 isn’t too old to be an artist of any kind.I am going to be 24 and I still don’t graduate from college until the end of 2015. Needless to say I’ll be late twenties before I am even done with school.

    • Thank you so much! I think the scariest part was making the decision to move and try something new.

      And no shame about taking your time with school. My sisters and I are all members of the 5 or more years of college club!

      • I bet I would of been scared to death. I started later but will be in for 5 years because of a double major. So i guess I am part of that club lol though alone.At this rate I’ll be the first in this generation in my family to finish college. I hope everything works out for you and you are able to be a major director.

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