I’d Rather Experience a Volcano

I didn’t realize how over winter I was until this morning.  I was already feeling down because I was returning to work today after Spring Break.  Except, I didn’t have much of a break because I work multiple jobs.  As I was driving to school, some snow flurries started to fall.  I was on the brink of tears.  Tears!

I know I sound like the ultimate drama queen, but I was genuinely upset by the snow.  Here it is, April 1, and there’s snow falling!  My logical brain was telling me, “The sun is shining and it’s above freezing, so it’s not like there will be any accumulation.” but my emotional heart was saying, “This winter will never end and we should all just give up now!”

There was a moment when I actually wondered if it was actually snow I was seeing.  Maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me, or maybe some other unexplainable weather system was moving through the city.  My next thought was of the movie Volcano starring the one and only Tommy Lee Jones (and yes, I actually saw that movie – I might have been the only one).  Maybe these weren’t snowflakes** landing on my windshield, but pieces of ash from an inactive volcano that had been hiding under the city of Chicago and was moments away from propelling flaming, molten lava-balls into the sky.

That’s when it hit me: I would rather go through a volcano eruption than live through this winter one day longer.  I didn’t expect to be the kind of Southerner who couldn’t handle the winter weather.  In fact, I’ve been trying to approach the constant cold, snow, and sleet with as much optimism as I can manage.  But it only took a few snowflakes in April to bring my true feelings to the surface.  At least no one was around to witness my extreme distress.

Oh yeah, Anne Heche is in this movie, too.  She takes a lake’s temperature and then L.A. explodes while Anne is all like “I told you so!”

**And in case you were wondering, the flurries this morning probably lasted less than two minutes total.  So now I know it only takes 90 seconds to give myself a slight emotional meltdown.


2 responses

  1. I had a small meltdown in my closet the other day because I’m so tired of sweaters and coats – I’ve never worn winter clothes for this many consecutive months! Bring on the spring weather!!

    • I feel the same! I used to love sweaters, but I’m sick of every one that I own. I haven’t worn my heavy coat in a couple of days…it’s still cold enough for it, but it’s my own way of protesting the delay of spring.

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