The Real Problem with Today

We all have blah days. Days when nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing feels right either.

I’m not sure when today became too much. I overslept the same amount if time as I usually do….. I really need to work on getting out of bed by at least the third time I hear snooze.
Teaching wasn’t unusually stressful. The post office was a nightmare, but that’s par for the course. (However, they have these machines now that are essentially like self check out at the grocery, but I needed a tutorial on how to use the thing along with the 80 year old gentleman standing at the next machine.)

It was a little depressing searching my bare fridge for ingredients for an acceptable dinner, and who isnt stressed about money. After watching the latest episode of The Following, I was a little sad that it was 7 o’clock and I had no more tv shows to catch up on. But that wasn’t what was bringing me down.

The real problem today was the chocolate craving that hit around 8:30 pm. Should I walk to the store and spend my last few dollars on a chocolate bar or two? I was seriously considering it when I remembered one fiber one bar remaining in my kitchen. Not exactly the dessert I was hoping for but the layer of chocolate on the bottom would have to suffice. Then I remembered that was the only acceptable breakfast food in the entire kitchen, and that almost feels worse than no chocolate at all.


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