T.V. Junkie

I love television.  I really do.  I don’t mean I have a few shows that I always watch – I love it ALL.  And most of it is bad.  I used to try and defend the programs I would watch, but why live in denial?  My name is Kate, and I love bad television.  I’m a junkie.

I’ve been watching some of these shows for years.  I know each and every character because I’ve watched them develop and grow and sleep with the wrong person. We have a history.  Sometimes these shows (lookin at you Grey’s Anatomy) will take an absolutely ridiculous turn, and because I am a logical, intelligent person, I feel that I must stop watching.  I promise myself that I will never tune in to that mind-numbing drivel again.  But like all slightly unhealthy relationships, I have a weak moment and watch an episode.  The next thing I know, the show has lured me back with their prime-time, soap-opera plot twists and overly dramatic underscoring.  And that’s ok because I love this show and it loves me, right?

My sister and I will often discuss t.v. show plots as if these events actually have some sort of impact on our own lives.  We used to talk on the phone when I was in college and fill each other in on episodes we might have missed.  My recaps were always the best.  I included every last detail including the super-sappy music montages at the end.  My favorite thing to do was to tell my sister the twist of the plot …. but I would always…..slow down a little….and then ….. tell in a SUPER-LOUD DRAMATIC VOICE.  That’s just good storytelling.  I made her gasp on more than one occasion.

Is there a position for a television episode reteller?  I would be amazing at that job.  Can people actually make money this way? If you know of an opening, help me out.  Here are the shows I’m watching currently and you should be too!

  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – Is there anything Olivia Benson hasn’t seen as an SVU detective?  And even though it’s difficult for me to get through an episode without Elliot Stabler, I really love the new additions of Detective Amanda Rollins and Detective Nick Amaro.
  • Chicago Fire:  I watch this one because it’s filmed in Chicago.  Oh yeah, and there are  super hot firemen.
  • Criminal Minds:  I love a good serial killer mystery.  I also love Derek Morgan and Dr. Spencer Reid.  A super-hot hunky cop and a super-smart nerdy-chic fellow?  And they catch the bad guys!  Sign me up!
  • The Following:  Another serial killer show, except this one is all about a cult… a cult of serial killers (oooooh).  Plus, Kevin Bacon plays the tormented ex-FBI agent hunting them all down.
  • Nashville: Country music stars and their A-List celebrity problems.  It doesn’t get more relatable than that!
  • Glee: It’s over-the-top, inconsistent, full of show tunes, and I love every minute of it.
  • Smash:  More show tunes! Completely unrealistic in regards to the theatre business BUT any show that has Bernadette Peters as a recurring guest role is A-OK in my book.
  • Next to Normal: Created by Ryan Murphy (of Glee fame), this show is the tale of a gay couple, the single-mom who is carrying their child, her extremely conservative grandma, and sassy assistant played by a Real Housewife.  A little preachy at times but entertaining nonetheless.
  • Parks and Recreation:  So, so, so funny.  What more can I say?
  • Grey’s Anatomy:  I’ve been there since the beginning.  Even though I hated the near-death experience, the musical episode, and the plane crash, I keep watching.  Sometimes I cry, usually because of Sandra Oh, and if you don’t think she’s brilliant, we can’t be friends anymore.
  • Once Upon a Time:  Who doesn’t love fairy tales?  Last season, I loved seeing what new character we would meet in the cursed land of Storybrook , Maine.  This season, I’ll admit, things have gotten weird (I mean, the Mulan character!) but I’m still invested in the age old battle between good and evil.  Who comes out on top?  I don’t know!!
  • The Office:  On it’s way out.  What will I do without my weekly Jim Halpert fix?  (BTW what, what, WHAT are they doing with Jim and Pam’s marriage.  I’m not happy!)
  • The Mindy Project:  Ok, this one is a little mediocre if you ask me, but like I said, I love it all.

And that’s it.  I’ve given you a peak into my HuluPlus queue which is basically like a glimpse into my soul.  Anything else out there that I should be watching?  Seriously, give me suggestions.  The saddest days are when my Hulu queue is empty, and you don’t want me to be sad, do you?


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  1. I’m a little angry, I’ll admit it. Why you gotta single out Grey’s Anatomy in the beginning and not even mention all the reality TV that’s way worse? (But really, I just love Grey’s Anatomy.) Also, I’m loving what they are doing with Jim and Pam’s marriage on The Office. If I thought for one second that they wouldn’t give them a happy ending, I wouldn’t love it, but I do think they’ll end up happy, and so with that in mind, I love that we are seeing them through a pretty sad rough patch. It’s realistic. And I could argue you with for hours over Mulan on Once Upon a Time, but I won’t do that here.

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