Won’t you be my neighbor? (part 2)

So, my first introduction to my neighbors wasn’t ideal.  But since moving into this building, I’ve seen a few more new faces.  Here are all the neighbors I’ve met so far. (I don’t know any of their names, so I have bestowed upon them whatever name I feel they should have.)

1.  Chatty Kathy: Her name isn’t actually Kathy, but she was very friendly in the laundry room.  I really liked this girl, and we found out she lives on my floor.  She is also a teacher, so we had lots to chat about.  The best thing about her is she was normal.  Of course, she also warned me about a homeless man who may or may not be sleeping in our stairway!  Her only proof is the horrible smell and someone burning incense in the stairwell a few mornings….but the thought was a little scary.  EEk.  Thanks girlfriend.  (I refused to take the stairs for three days after our conversation.)  When I ran into Kathy a second time in the laundry room, I actually introduced myself this time.  She said she had told her girlfriend all about the nice girl from the laundry room.  (Manners, people!  They work.)

2. Keisha Key – Two times now the lady who lives two doors down has had to tell me I left my keys in the door.  The second time she was very concerned, “Girl, you gotta stop doing that!”  I’ve run into her on the stairs a few times.  Every time she asks me if I have my keys with me.  I no longer find this cute.

3. Kelly Key – Not only do I leave keys in doors, but I also get them stuck.  I recently had my key stuck in the back door.  I tried for a couple of minutes trying to pull the key out.  I was really panicked for a moment because I had no idea what the key stuck in the door protocol would be.  Luckily, a woman walked by, and instead of pretending like she didn’t notice the difficulty I was having (which if I am being honest, is probably how I would have reacted to someone else with the same problem), she came over to help.  She rescued my key and informed me that the back door is often a problem.

4. Marshall Artist: When I first saw Marshall, he was getting off the elevator and taking out his trash.  He was kind of good looking so I was taking an extended glance when I noticed the nunchucks hanging from his belt.  (or Nunchaku)  Here’s the question I want to know: Was he taking the nunchucks to the dumpster for protection or are they always just hanging out on his belt?  Or is there a third possibility I haven’t even thought of??

5. Ryan: This weekend I finally took my ancient and tiny television to the dumpster.  (I got a new t.v. for Christmas so the old one has been sitting in the floor for close to four months now.)  When the elevator opened, there were already four people in the small space.  This is very odd since the residents of my building are like cockroaches – you only see one at a time, but you know that there are more around.  I didn’t concern myself with most of them because Ryan (I am naming him after Ryan Gosling) was on the elevator.  Ryan has the ‘typical Chicago guy’ look: beard, plaid flannel shirt, a one-strap backpack, and very good-looking.  He had a bag of trash in his hand which meant we were both walking to the dumpster.  I asked him to open the door for me since I was carrying a television from 1992 and my hands were full, and unfortunately that is where our love connection ended.  I’m still brainstorming ways I can ‘accidentally’ run into him again.

This is not actually my t.v., but the exact same model.  I’m sure I looked super hot while toting this technological miracle around.

6.  Gilbert aka Spiderman – I can’t write about my neighbors without mentioning Gilbert.  I have seen Gilbert twice since the incident.  The first time, he thanked me yet again for ‘helping him out that one time’.  I couldn’t get my door open fast enough.


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