Everything’s better with cake

Well, yesterday was a little sad.  It was my last day as an apprentice at the theatre where I’ve been working since September.  To help with the sadness, my coworkers put together a nice little get together at the bar next door at the end of the work day.  There was even cake!

This is my "last day of work' cake.

This is my ‘last day of work’ cake.

And when I say cake, I mean there were THREE.  (Yes, three different co-workers brought some kind of cake in.)  Apparently one cake wasn’t enough to properly celebrate my final day….or maybe I’m just three cakes worth of lovable.  Either way, it was a lovely send off from some wonderful people.

As I was sipping on my celebratory drink, a co-worker asked, “So where are you going next?”  And that’s the scariest part…finding the next step.  I have been on the lookout for my next project or job since February.  I’ve been meeting new people and making great connections.  Every time I meet a theatre person I try to casually mention all of my marketable skills.

“Oh, you have a theatre company.  That’s so interesting.  Did I tell you about that time I directed a show — oh yes, didn’t I say before?  I direct.  Wait, did you say your company has an excellent Education department?  I should also mention that I’m an amazing teacher.  Yes, with tons of experience.”

A friend recently told me she loved the way I “whored myself out for a job”, and she’s right.  That’s exactly what I do – but if that’s what it takes, bring it on!  Meanwhile, I’ll just go eat some more of that delicious cake that’s just hanging out in my fridge.


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