Pardon my honk

Can we talk about driving for a minute?  I usually drive to both my jobs and have become very comfortable getting from one place to the next on Chicago roads. Except for one thing: honking.

Back home, I seriously might think twice before I honk at car that is idling at a green light.  A green light!  And I’m going to make a huge generalization and say this is how many Southerners drive.  A person is more likely to honk their horn to say hello to someone walking down the street than honk their horn at a car that is slowly entering their lane and forcing them off the road.  (Seriously, I have actually almost been run off the road and still NOT honked my horn.)

I hate it when other cars honk.  I usually think people who are honking are being extremely impatient and rude – 9 times out of 10 the car directly in front of them can’t help the traffic jam!  Just wait your turn everyone!  Even in the safety of my car I have always felt the need to remain polite.  (Hello…they’re called manners.)

But something is changing…I might be developing road rage.  I often find myself cursing at other drivers and getting WAY more frustrated than I can remember.  Even with this new found anger on the road, I have refrained from become a person that honks…..until today.

I was on the phone with my mom (I know, very unsafe – save the lecture) and waiting in a very LONG line at a red light.  When the light changed and cars started to move once again, the vehicle in front of me stayed put.  Without realizing it, I started to honk my horn!  I did it without any hesitation, and I was so proud.  Then, I realized the driver was attending to a small child in their car seat in back and immediately felt guilty.  I don’t think I’m cut out for honking.


One response

  1. OMG you’re a honker! I am never coordianted enough to honk – I first get flustered and then by the time it occurs to me to honk, the person is gone. I’m proud of you for owning your road rage haha

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