What’s up with that, Chicago?

I love summer. I’m from the South, so I can handle the heat. What I can’t handle is this Chicago weather! What is going on? Today I was wearing a cardigan. A Cardigan!!! And I was still a little chilly when i sat outside at lunch. It’s July 27th and I’m from Mississippi. Basically any weather that doesn’t involve me sweating in some form or fashion has me confused.

It’s especially confusing since just a week ago it was SO hot. And I mean HOT! Something about the heat in the city is so very oppressive. Probably because lots of places do not have central air conditioning. What’s up with that?

My air conditioning unit is in my living room, and I must say it does keep the apartment nice and cool – most of the time. However, last week when the temp was getting into the 90s each day, that one unit was not cutting it. I had to go to Target and buy a new, lightweight bedspread. (I MUST have some sort of blanket to sleep – I’m not an animal!) While I was there, I also got a new set of sheets, a rug, and curtains. So, I guess I should thank the heat wave for my bedroom mini makeover. But even with an appropriate summer bedspread and a fan, it was still hot. I ended up spending two nights on my couch to be closer to the cool air source. (This also resulted in watching episode after episode of Mad Men late into the night.) I’m rambling. But the point is central air conditioning people!!! People in the South have figured out how to beat the heat long ago!!

So, to sum up, to go from extreme heat that sends me to the living room for sleep to cardigans is ridiculous! Come on Chicago. Get this weather thing under control. It’s still summer.


Summer in the City

Have you missed me?  Well, I have no excuses for no updates other than: IT’S SUMMER!  I love the summer.  I have been a teacher for the past five years, so I have become quite accustomed to a summer vacation.  But this is Chicago:


and stuff here is EXPENSIVE!!  Since I need to make some mulah, I haven’t been completely on a break.  I’ve been teaching at summer camps, doing lots of babysitting, working on a show, and looking for new jobs.  With all this going on, I have had a hard time finding motivation to do anything else.

This past week, I found myself with more free time.  I had visions of getting so much done.  I was going to really clean my apartment, do lots of writing, catch up on emails, maybe even do some cooking.  But I am an expert procrastinator….and of course I didn’t get all of this done.   Why not?  I went on a television binge!  More specifically: Project Runway.  And not just a little bit of Project Runway, I’m talking like three seasons of episodes!  The best part of the show is most definitely Tim Gunn.  I want Tim Gunn to be my life coach.  Don’t you think he would be good at it?  Just like on the show Tim would come in, tell me everything I’m doing wrong, and point me in the right direction.  “Kate, what are you doing?  You need to get up and work!  Kate, you can do better.”  Maybe if I had Tim Gunn around, I would have accomplished more blog updates in the past few weeks.

So in conclusion, I promise to have some great stories and updates soon.  I say this mostly for my mom, who told me how disappointed she was that I hadn’t updated my blog in a while.  I’m on it, Mom!  While you wait, here’s some great advice from the one, the only: Tim Gunn.