Great American Vacation

My apologies for having nothing to update recently!! However, this next week is sure to be eventful.

My middle sister is all grown up and has just moved to Seattle with her boyfriend. Let me tell you, Seattle is FAR away. Anywho, my mother and my baby sister and I came up with a somewhat crazy little plan: we will drive from Chicago to Seattle to help her get settled in. So, mom and baby sis packed up the car in Mississippi (mostly filled with more of middle sister’s stuff) and drove to Chicago on Saturday. Since we were going to be spending at least three days in the car together, we decided to take some time and do something fun in Chicago.

What was my suggestion? Go see the Book of Mormon! This show is SOOOO GOOOD. I had already seen it once, but I made the personal sacrifice and decided to go and see it again. As we were getting ready to leave for the show, I warned my mother about some of the content.

Mom: Kate, I’m a grown woman. I don’t know why you think I’ll be so shocked.

Me: I don’t, Mom. I just wanted you to be prepared for words like ‘fuck’ and ‘clitoris’ and the like.

Mom: Well, I’ve heard those words before. I’ve even said thm!

We all had a great time – Mom is a fan of raunchy humor. My favorite part of the show hands down was the actor who played Elder Cunningham. Ben Platt, who you might know from Pitch Perfect fame, was absolutely hysterical and completely adorable. The first time I saw the show, I was with middle sister (she was visiting and had not yet moved to Seattle – duh). She insisted that I should track Ben down and become his best friend. I guess she thinks that being in the theater means I must know every working actor in Chicago. So, like I do with any guy I’m crushing on (famous or not), I looked him up on the internet. Guess what?? He’s like 19…maybe 20 by now. Ugh, that made me feel old. But he’s still totally precious and if given the chance I would definitely become his best friend.


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  1. I don’t think it means you DO know every working actor in Chicago. I think it means you have the means, the connections, and the stalking ability to MEET every working actor in Chicago. Find him.

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