Great American Vacation – Day 1

Well, on Monday we started driving…..and driving and driving. Mom wanted to get an early start so the plan was to be on the road at 7 a.m. Baby Sis informed us that she had gotten practically no sleep and was extremely tired and wanted to go back to sleep as soon as she was in the car. We picked up our stuff and walked Out the door. See you in a week apartment! Although we parked in a close spot by Chicago standards, Mom complained a little about ‘walking 5 miles to the car’. (It was maybe one block, literally around the corner.)

Due to her exhausted state, Baby Sis had absolutely no patience for anything – especially the way mom was packing the car. She insisted she be able to pack everything herself, the whole time complaining about how much we had overpacked. Finally, all the bags were stuffed in the back seat along with a few of Middle Sister’s things which included two lampshades. It didn’t take long for something to fall and crush one of the lampshades a little. Whoops! Baby sis was asleep when that happened, so mom and I just let it stay crushed for a little while because we didn’t want to wake the beast.

At noon, Baby Sis woke up with a brand new pleasant disposition and happily took over driving. We decided that the personality we had met earlier that morning was named Sybil. Mom and I spent the rest of the day trying to keep Sybil at bay!

Other highlights from Day 1 of driving:

  • When Mom was planning our route, she completely overlooked the fact that we would be driving through Minnesota. This meant, the whole time we were in Minnesota she kept saying “I just forgot about Minnesota!”
  • Our lunch at a Wisconsin Applebee’s was very satisfying. We didn’t feel the need to snack at all before dinner. I recommend the turkey/bacon/avocado sandwich on the lunch combo menu.
  • When we informed our waiter at dinner that we were driving to Seattle his response was ‘Why?’ My response should have been: Why not? Where’s your sense of adventure? Other than an occasional Sybil episode – I really enjoy being around my family. Instead, I just kind of mumbled something and ordered a cheeseburger. Maybe we should stop telling people we are driving to Seattle.
  • If you are ever in Mitchell, South Dakota you should stop by the corn palace and check it out. We did NOT stop – and I fear this regret will live with me forever!!



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