Great American Vacation – Day 3

We are almost to Seattle. As I type this (in the car), we are approximately 90 minutes away. It’s been a long two days. And I mean LONG. Let me give you an idea of how my morning started:

Mom: If anyone says one more ugly thing, we are going to have a prayer together before we leave this parking lot.

That’s right. At 28 and 23 years old, my sister and I are still being threatened in the car – however, I’m not sure if we’ve ever been threatened with prayer. Mom might be losing it. The bad moods can be attributed to spending last night driving around until 11 p.m. in order to find a hotel with a vacancy. If you are ever driving through Montana in the summer, call ahead and make a reservation. Specifically in Livingston and Bozeman. I was so tired that I barely had the energy to change into pj’s. (So, sorry for now true Day 2 update.)

The reason we drove so late was because we saw Mt. Rushmore which was pretty rad. The best part was getting to watch all the bikers who were there, too. Apparently the largest biker rally in the country is in Sturgis, South Dakota and it just happens to be going on right now. I have never seen so many leather vests, black boots, and Harley Davidson logos. Here are some photos for your enjoyment:


The last thing I have to report is that karma really exists. While I was sharing the backseat with all of our stuff, we were all enjoying the best snack ever: dark chocolate covered acai berries. I was passing a few delicious berries to the front seat and a few were dropped. Mom and Baby Sis yelled at me and told me to pick them up. I insisted this was impossible because of the large amounts of stuff everywhere. I passed some more to the front and more dropped again! I was yelled at a second time and finally just gave up on eating a snack. I still did not attempt to pick any of them up (because I didn’t see anything!).


The junk on the backseat.

When I got out at our next pit stop, I found two berries on the floor by my feet. Problem solved, right? Well, inside the store I turned down an aisle and my mom started laughing hysterically. I’m talking full-on hyena mode. Then, she pointed at me and Baby Sis joined in on the joke. You guys, I had no idea what I had done, and I did not like being left out of the joke. Other people were staring at us. When my mom looked up from the soda display she was leaning on and wiped the tears from her eyes, she informed me that there was a chocolate covered acai berry stuck to my butt.


Berry on the Butt!

Well, lesson learned: If you drop candy in the car – find it! That candy will find a way to affix itself to your ass.


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