Great American Vacation – The End

So, I’m the worst.  No, I have not been on vacation for an entire three weeks.  After (FINALLY!) reaching our destination, we spent two full days in Seattle and then started the journey back home.  While mom and Baby Sis had a three day drive to Mississippi to look forward to, I hopped on a plane and made it back home to my apartment in just 7 hours.

The trip was great.  We took my sister and her boyfriend to my favorite tourist destination: IKEA.  I love an IKEA.  I could go there every weekend.  And having lunch in the middle of your shopping day is probably the best idea anyone has ever had, ever!  I personally enjoy the chicken strips (I clearly have the sophisticated taste buds of a seven year old).  We got some furniture because when we arrived all Middle Sis and Boyfriend had was a bed and a couch.  Because I had put together all of my IKEA furniture myself (a coffee table), I decided that I was a furniture assembly expert.  Guess what?  A dresser and 2 night stands are WAY harder than a coffee table.  What was I thinking?  When I showed Middle Sis the first finished night stand, I also handed her a few parts that ‘clearly weren’t necessary’.  Whoops!  But the drawers opened and the table stood upright, so I considered it a job well done.

A few other tidbits from our trip:

– The Great Debate.  My mother wanted to use a map (she bought an atlas with all 50 states just for this trip) while Baby Sis and I relied on GPS and Google Maps.  Every time a potential discrepancy in the directions came up, we debated which device would give us the right answer.

– Mom can’t use a smart phone.  Even though she has an iPhone, mom is in constant need of tutorials on how to work it.  And if she makes a mistake, she gets very flustered and wants to give up on technology forever.  “Well, I was trying to do what you said, but now everything is shaking on the screen and I just want — will you just do it?”

– We never went to see the space needle.  While driving around, we occasionally spotted it from afar, but I never took the time to take a picture.  I remembered this at 4:30 a.m. when Middle Sis was giving me a ride to the airport.  Here are the results:

2013-08-10 04.38.39 2013-08-10 04.38.44

– Yelp! is the best.  We used it countless times on our trek across America.  Yet another feature of the smart phone that my mother doesn’t understand.  While looking for Mexican restaurants, I came across this picture.  Why no one in my family wanted to eat there I do not know!

2013-08-09 19.25.16

I’m not sure my sister’s boyfriend knew what he was agreeing to by letting us stay in their new apartment.  That means my mom, myself, and both my sisters were all under one roof for 72 hours.  (I’m not sure I completely thought it through myself.)  But honestly, we had a good time.  We haven’t spent that much time together (outside of the holidays) in ages – and that includes when we all lived in the same town.

Although it wasn’t a luxury vacation, I’m really glad I went.  I love my family.  However, if my mom had said ‘Driving across the U-nited States!’ one more time in presence, I might have screamed.


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