Bed Bugs and Breaking Bad

Well, it’s Saturday night, but – as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post – not a party night for me.  I have two problems.  Let me assure you, one of them is not bed bugs…I’m almost positive I don’t have them.  But the fear of bed bugs has become very real.

Last night, I received a letter (under my door) from a tenant in my building.  This letter was to inform the residents that someone in the building has bed bugs.  I guess the management of our building is not dealing with the entire building but only with the affected apartments….and this isn’t the appropriate protocol.  Now I am super paranoid.  (I’m also going to be contacting the apartment manager to look into this situation.)

After reading the entire wikipedia page about bed bugs (plus skimming three other sites), I’m convinced that my apartment is infested.  I don’t actually have any evidence like bites or bug sightings or even the slightly sweet smell that bed bug nest might have (raspberries apparently) – I just feel itchy.  The more I think about the possibility, the more I itch (in fact writing this post is making me a little itchy).  So after all of my learning and itching, I decided I needed to completely clean my apartment.  Sheets and clothes are currently being washed and I even sprayed Febreeze on the mattress.  I realize this won’t do anything to protect me against bed bugs – it just made me feel better plus my bedroom smells nicer.  I’m making plans to do some more cleaning tomorrow – bugs or no bugs my apartment is a little gross.

Eek, I’m itchy again.  I need to change the subject.  My second problem is my new addiction for binge watching television series.  (Is there a plural form of the word series?  Serii?)  Anywho, the series of the night is Breaking Bad.  I know I’m super late to this party, but this show is hella good.  I’m already on season 2 and I’ve only been watching today.  This is a serious problem.  I am watching too much Netflix.  Is there treatment for television binging?  I need to find some other ways to fill my time.  Maybe the answer is to solve a problem with a problem?  Let bed bug watch 2013 begin!  Right after this next episode…


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  1. I had a similar incident of freaking out about bed bugs! I had unknown bumps on my skin (that I’ve since decided were from a shirt I hand washed and potentially didn’t rinse enough, so the detergent irritated my skin). I didn’t even think about bed bugs until a friend suggested it after seeing my bumps. Side note: I was also living in Chicago at this time.

    Anyway, after my friend suggested it, I spent a sleepless night at my boyfriend’s only to wake him up early to watch videos about how to check for buedbugs. Then we checked both his bed and then went to my apartment to check mine. We found no bed bugs, but I remember the anxiety. Blech

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