Grumpy Bear Gets it Right

Even as a small child, my favorite Care Bear was Grumpy.  I am not making this up.  Three year old me knew that no place could be smiles and hugs all the damn time – even the land of Care-A-Lot.  Funshine Bear and Lots-A-Heart must have been delusional.  Grumpy knew how to keep it real.  Sometimes your day gets real shitty, and no amount of Care Bear staring is going to snap you out of it.  Like today.  Today has just been bad.  Not tragic or horrible, but just really crappy.  So in honor of Grumpy Bear, this post is going to keep it real because I just don’t have anything positive to say right now.


So, maybe I brought a little bit of this on myself because I stayed up late watching Scandal.  My sister has me hooked on Scandal and I just had to keep watching last night.  When I finally got into bed around 12:30, I was still too worked up to sleep.  Olivia Pope (character in Scandal) can not have any more bad things happen to her.  Give her a break Shonda Rhimes!!  But keep Jake Ballard around because he is smoking hot.

Anywho, the kids I teach were a little crazy this morning.  Is it a full moon?  Ok, so maybe it’s my own fault for not having a great amount of sleep, but c’mon on kids.  Get with the program!  I am trying to enrich your lives by teaching you drama and theatrical elements, so can’t you just pay attention?

Then, at lunch, I had to call my psychiatrist (too personal?) about making an appointment and the receptionist was SOO RUDE.  Towards the end of the phone call he apologized (kind of) but his meanness really got to me.  I tried to tell myself logically that it was nothing personal, but the whole exchange really affected my afternoon.  Also, if you are dealing with patients who might be dealing with depression or anxiety, I’m not sure being mean and curt is the best approach.

Afternoon classes happened, and I brilliantly decided to do a small craft with my Kindergarten, first, and second graders.  We were making puppets, and we made such a mess.   The construction paper!  The glue sticks!  I was unprepared for the vast spectrum of kindergarten scissor skills.  Some have brilliant fine motor skills while some are lucky if the connect the scissors with the paper.  I was happy when the day was over.

Except that the day wasn’t really over.  Now I’m sitting in a Starbucks to pass the time because I have a rehearsal for a children’s show tonight.  I got this gig a few months ago.  The director dropped out and they needed a replacement who had experience with kids and … Voila!  Here I am.  The money from this job is going to really help out with all of the new job/new income transitions.  HOWEVER, the script is not my favorite (subtext: kinda bad).  This makes it very hard to be excited about rehearsal, especially when I’ve been teaching all day.   Is it too early for bed?  I’m ready for this day to be over.



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