I Know My Chicago Geography

So, I’m watching an episode of Criminal Minds (don’t get me started on my obsession with Dr. Spencer Reid), and this week the BAU find themselves in Chicago.  Hey!  This should be fun.  (If by fun you mean the episode will scare me even more than normal because it is supposedly taking place in my backyard.)

One of the scenes takes place at an intersection.  A crazy, brain-washed teenager barricades himself in his car in the middle of traffic (because that’s the kind of thing that happens on Criminal Minds).  A police officer then radios for assistance and gives his location at ‘Ashland and Division’.  I know that intersection!!  I used to live one block from there.  I know what it looks like.  And that intersection does not look like this.  I took notice of some of the shops when the BAU showed up at the crime scene (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the kid blows up the car he’s in).  I definitely saw a fancy bistro.  You can’t fool me you fancy television show!  The fanciest thing at that intersection would be a toss up between the crappy Mexican restaurant or the identical mexican restaurant across the street.  (Literally across the street and have the same name.)


Mexican restaurant number 1

It’s so nice to feel like I know an area.  It’s only taken me a year!  I also recently found myself in a restaurant that where I ate on my first day in Chicago.  I was with my dear friend (who had strep throat and felt awful) and I had no idea where we were.  It wasn’t until I walked in that I realized it was the same place.  I got oddly excited about it and told my friends:

“Hey, I’ve eaten here before.  It was my first day in Chicago and I had just taken my friend to a walk-in clinic because she was sick as a dog.  It took us forever to find parking!”

My friends didn’t really understand why I was so excited.  I didn’t really know why I was so excited.  But I think it’s because places are becoming more familiar.  Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve ever recognized a place (I’ve been here over a year after all) – just maybe the first time I was so aware of it.  Or maybe it was because I had been so completely lost and turned around the first time I visited.  Either way, it feels really nice knowing my way around (kinda sorta).


3 responses

  1. I think this is why I liked The Killing at first. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great show and I’m totally hooked based on the story and the characters, but at first, I was watching because I recognized places. And when I didn’t recognize places, I recognized the weather, so it’s all the same.

  2. Kate, I totally understand this! There was a recent episode of “Bones” set in Buenos Aires, and I was like, “No, no, no. That’s not even Argentina!” But it’s this awesome feeling to know a place that’t not your hometown to that extent.

  3. Well, I was watching the miniseries on JFK the other day and the Ole Miss
    incident was part of the movie. They shot the scenes somewhere else because it was not the Lyceum. Also, they did not really accurately portray
    what was happening (for example the show had Ross Barnett in front of the
    supposed Lyceum during the riot talking to the president). Same thing, I know
    the place and that weren’t it on the T.V. I was excited too though. I understand
    why you were so excited.

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