Great (Mississippi) Expectations

Sometimes visiting home can be stressful.  Who are you going to see?  Will you have time for everybody?  What are you going to eat (which is obviously the most important question of all)?  But seriously, there’s a part of me that really hates planning things out especially when it comes to my social engagements.  So when I’m forced to divide my time between mom, dad, sisters, and friends AND I need to come up with some suitable activity, I get a little stressed out.  I have all these expectations of how my trip should go and other factors are always getting in the way!!

But all my neuroses aside, I had a great time at home.  I got to see some friends and catch up, but I also got to relax quite a bit.  Highlights from the trip include: seeing at dear friend at a barbeque (and no one does a barbecue quite like Mississippi in my opinion), playing Settlers of Catan, insisting on a ‘spa day’ (which just means I forced my mom and sister to use this awesome new mud mask I bought), and watching Lifetime original movie Steel Magnolias starring Queen Latifah with my mom.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have extremely high expectations for the film, but mom and I were both quite misty by the end of it.  Was it exactly what I was expecting?  Maybe not.  But sometimes that’s when the best things happen.

I 55

A beautiful view of a Mississippi interstate highway.

On a slightly unrelated note, I stuffed all three of the Fifty Shades series in my suitcase for my return flight home.  My sister convinced my mom to read the first one and she just had to finish the trilogy.  Do I have great expectations for these books?  Not really.  When I asked my mom about the books she said, “I have to admit, I do not think I am limber enough for some of the activities in those books.”  These books may be trashy and horribly written, but with a statement like that, how can I not read them?  I need to see what all the fuss is about!!


Please, take me back home to Mississippi!

Tomorrow, I leave for an extended Memorial Day Weekend getaway.  I’m going home for a few days which I realize doesn’t sound very exciting, but I haven’t been home since Christmas.  I’ve gotten proportionately more pumped as my travel day has gotten closer.  I’ve called my mom/sister what seems like every hour just to remind them that I’m coming home.  They will probably be sick of me before I even arrive.  Needless to say, the excitement of my trip has made it quite difficult to give a damn about anything going on here in Chicago.

A few examples:

1.  Yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to skip my morning shower (it was not).  Since I am classy, I did wash my bangs to get rid of the greasy/creased mess that wouldn’t fit in my ponytail.  Clean bangs does not offset the effects of not showering!  However, I just didn’t care, because I was leaving in just two short days.

2. I have gotten fast food for almost every meal in the past three days.  I was basically out of groceries and didn’t feel like shopping before I left town.  Gross?  Yes.  Do I care?  Nope.  (I also had another incident with a giant Diet Coke from Subway.  Basically, I squeezed it too hard and soda spewed all over me like a fountain…on the day I skipped a shower.  Still – not caring)

3.  I just found out I have to present my principal with certain data from my students Drama assessments.  Somehow, I didn’t realize exactly what form this information was supposed to presented in.  But am I stressed?  Nope.  Just something I’ll figure out next Monday when I’m back in town.

4.  I noticed that my throat was a little scratchy and my glands might be a little swollen.  Usually, I pay attention to this kind of stuff, but I’m just bee-bopping along.  Even a little cold/allergy flare up will not bring me down.

5.  Even an empty Hulu queue couldn’t diminish my mood last night!  Bring it on Mississippi.  (Now, if only I was packed!)